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Advertising campaigns

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  • This page outlines the information on the advertising campaigns.


    Find Allows to find advertising campaigns by their main parameters: ID, referer1 or referer2.
    ID Searches for an advertising campaign by its ID.
    Referer1 / referer2* Finds advertising campaigns by the identifiers: referer1 and referer2.
    Duration (days) Finds advertising campaigns whose duration lies within the specified period. Advertising campaign duration is the amount of time elapsed from the first hit till the last hit.
    Sessions (total) Finds advertising campaigns whose number of sessions lies within the specified range.
    Visitors (total) Finds advertising campaigns whose number of visitors lies within the specified range.
    Period If enabled, includes an additional column in the report containing information for the specified period.
    Attentiveness Specifies to find campaigns whose Attentiveness parameter lies within the specified range. The Attentiveness is the average of hits per session.
    Visitors per day Finds campaigns whose Visitors per day parameter lies within the specified range. Range of the Visitors per day values for matching. The Visitors per day is the average of visitors per day.
    Costs Range of the Costs values for matching. The Costs field allows storing the value spent for the advertising campaign.
    Proceeds Range of the Proceeds values for matching. The Proceeds field accumulates all the monies for each event within the advertising campaign. The field allows manual modification.
    Profit Range of the Profit values for matching. The value of the Profit field is calculated as Proceeds less Costs for each advertising campaign.
    Efficiency (ROI) Range of the Efficiency values. Efficiency, or ROI is calculated in the following way: (Profit / Costs) * 100%
    Currency The list allows to select the currency that the values will be displayed in.

    * - These fields allow using Boolean expressions. You can get information on the syntax by clicking on the symbol "?" next to the field. For exact matching searches using this field, mark the corresponding checkbox.

    Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Add Adds a new advertising campaign.
    Grouping Allows to group the information in the table by one of the advertising campaign identifiers: either referer1 or referer2.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.


    Field Description
    Checkbox column Used to select advertising campaigns to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
    Action menu
    Clicking the action button of any advertising campaign opens a menu allowing to:
    • Advertising campaign analysis - opens a form containing the detailed information about the campaign dynamics: summary, graphs, profits, events etc.;
    • Modify - opens a form in which you can edit the required advertising campaign;
    • Reset - zeros the campaign counters: visitors, attentiveness, financial indices;
    • Delete - deletes the advertising campaign;
    The following items are only available if at least one event has occurred on the advertising campaign:
    • Sections - opens a form containing the report on sections and pages viewed by visitors who entered the site under this advertising campaign;
    • Paths - shows the report on paths traveled by visitors;
    • Dynamics - displays the advertising campaign daily dynamics (sessions, visitors etc.);
    • Graphs - opens the advertising campaign graphs form (displaying hits and events).
    ID The advertising campaign ID.
    referer1 The advertising campaign identifier - referer1.
    referer2 The advertising campaign identifier - referer2.
    Start The date the first hit was made under this adv. campaign.
    End The date the last hit (direct or on-return) was made under this adv. campaign.
    Priority The adv. campaign priority. This parameter is provided when creating the adv. campaign.
    Today's sessions Number of direct-hit and on-return* sessions for today.
    Total sessions Total number of direct-hit and on-return sessions.
    Total today's events Number of direct-hit and on-return sessions for today.
    Total events Number of events occurred during the period specified in the filter.
    Selected Number of records (adv. campaigns) selected from the database.
    Checked Number of marked records.

    * - A return under the advertising campaign implies situation when a visitor has made a direct hit under the advertising campaign and returned to the site some time later, provided that they did not make any direct hits under other advertising campaign.

    Details: about information campaigns

    An advertising campaign is a set of conditions allowing to sort out a portion of the site visitor thread. All conditions are equal in their strength. The following conditions are allowed.

    The following algorithm is used to select the advertising campaign.

    1. Advertising campaigns are sorted out to match the visitor parameters.
    2. The advertising campaign with the highest priority is selected to apply. If the priorities of the selected campaigns are equal, the campaign with the highest ID is selected.

    In case a visitor with the parameters referer1 and referer2 is recognized and no advertising campaign matches these criteria, a new advertising campaign is created with the supplied referer1 and referer2 as the identifiers.