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Advertising campaign analysis

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  • "Finance (ROI)" tab
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  • This form shows all information gathered by the system about the selected or all advertising campaigns (AC). The analysis form can be opened by clicking on the action menu button of the required AC and selecting the Advertising campaign analysis menu item (in the Advertising campaigns form).


    Find Allows to find advertising campaigns by their main parameters: ID, referer1 or referer2.
    Period Period of time for which the information is required. If any period is defined, the Statistics report contains the Period column.

    Clicking Search displays information about AC chosen by providing the search criteria in the Find field (i.e. by the ID or referer1 / referer2). Clicking Cancel invalidates the filter, e.g. displays information about all AC's.

    Report tables

    Since the system selects and displays a huge amount of statistical information, the latter is grouped in logical categories and presented in the tabbed property sheet. The property pages (tabs) contain the information appropriate to their titles.

    "Statistics" tab

    This tab comprises two tables: one with quantitative figures, while the other shows relative figures.

    The table with quantitative figures has the following format.

    Today Yesterday 2 days before Period Total
    New visitors
    Added to favorites
    Hosts (unique IP addresses)

    The table rows contain values of the parameters indicated in the left column, each for the date denoted in the table head. A Period column is only present if the filter field Period is set. The last column indicates the total number of events for each parameter.

    Each cell of the columns (Today, Yesterday, 2 days before, Period, Total) is split in two. The first cell (in green) shows the direct-hit value of the parameter, while the other cell (in blue) contain the on-return value.

    A return under an advertising campaign is a session opened for a visitor after they have previously maid a direct hit visit under this advertising campaign provided that no attempts have been made to enter the site under other AC's.

    The table of relative figures:

    Analytical parameters
    Visitors per day Average visitors per day for the entire gathering of statistics.
    Attentiveness Average hits per session, direct and on return.
    Intensity Average number of events occurred on direct hit (or on return) to the total number of visitors under the AC.
    New visitors Ratio of new visitors to all visitors under the AC.
    Returned Percent of visitors returned to the site after the first visit under the AC.
    "Graphs" tab

    This tab shows two graphs for the selected AC: the traffic graph and the event graph, each on daily basis. Below each graph is a legend containing links which can be clicked to view the event types.

    Example of the traffic graph

    Click on image to enlarge

    Click on image to expand
    Example of the event graph

    Click on image to enlarge

    Click on image to expand
    "Finance (ROI)" tab

    This tab contains a table showing indications on the AC costs, profits and payback.

    Parameter Description
    Expenses Amount of money spent for the AC.
    Revenue Total amount of all financial events occurred within this AC. This value can be entered manually in the AC settings.
    Profit Revenue less expenses.
    ROI Return on investment index (calculated as (profit / expenses) * 100%).
    Cost per click Ratio of expenses to the total of direct-hit sessions.
    Cost per visitor Ratio of expenses to the total of direct-hit visitors.
    "Events" tab
    "Entrance points" tab

    This tab displays the diagram and the report on entrance and exit points under the selected AC.

    Example of the diagram of entrance points

    Click on image to enlarge

    Click on image to expand

    For each segment, the legend shows:

    List of entrance points

    The table shows the count of sessions for each entrance point.

    Action menu Ordinal Section/Page Sessions Percent
     [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    Selected: [6]
    1. If clicked, opens a popup menu containing the following commands:
      • Traffic graph - opens (in a new window) a page with the corresponding graph.
      • Click statistics - views a report of clicks only from this page.
    2. The record ordinal.
    3. The link and path to the section (page).
    4. Number of unique sessions for the period specified for the selected AC.
    5. Percent of visits/clicks to/from this page or section.
    6. Number of records selected from the database.
    "Exit points" tab

    The report on this tab is similar to the report of entrance points, but shows information about pages and sections which were viewed by visitors who came under the selected AC before they left the site.

    "Popular" tab

    This tab is also similar to the report of entrance points, but contains information about pages and sections which were the most popular among visitors who came under the selected AC. However, since the report is designed to analyse pageviews (i.e. hits), its values are the number of hits rather than sessions.

    "Path branches" tab

    This tab contains a report of the path branches.

    Path branch / Page Clicks Percent
    path ordinal [1] [2] [3]
    Selected: [4] Total: [5]
    1. The link () to the page; a set of consecutive pages or branches of the path. The link on the page name opens the diagram of the path branch ending with this page.
    2. Absolute value of clicks.
    3. Relative value of clicks.
    4. Number of paths selected from the database.
    5. Total number of paths.
    "Site paths" tab

    This tab is similar to the report of entrance points, but displays information about each step in each path traveled by the site visitors. Click on a page name to view the subsequent step in the path.