Bitrix Site Manager


The Search module functionality can be customized using the system settings form (Settings -> Search module). This form also offers interface for manual re-indexing of the site.

Context bar

Button Description
Re-index site Opens a form in which you can recreate the search index.
Google sitemap Opens a form where you can create a site map for use with Google. 

"Settings" tab

Include files
This field define wildcards that will be matched against file pathnames before they are indexed. If a file pathname matches at least one of the wildcards, it will be indexed. Otherwise, such a file will not be indexed.
Exclude files
Files with pathnames that match at least one of these wildcards will not be indexed.
Enable using of morphology
Activates the morphological search engine. If enabled, the index and search will consider all word forms. For example, the system will consider such form of go as goes, went, gone etc., and children for child.
Symbols that are not used as word delimiters...
The morphological search algorithm splits sentences into words using the common delimiters (space, full stop, comma etc.) At the same time, there are symbols which are not letters but may be parts of words: for example, dash (-). Specify here symbols which the morphological analyser must treat as constituents of words.