Bitrix Site Manager

Site reindexing

You may need to manually re-index if you use some non-standard facility to change files of the site. For example, you have to manually re-index site files after you have uploaded files via FTP. New pages will not be displayed in the search results until you recreate the search index.

In this form you can specify the processing parameters and recreate the search index.

"Reindexing" tab

Field Description
Re-index modified content only Check this box to re-index files only with timestamp other than that stored in the database.
Maximum size of the document to index Limits the size of an indexed document. You can limit the file size if you have files of large size and the server has not enough processing power.
Stepwise indexing This option enables the phased indexing. You can check this option if there are lime limit on script execution. If the indexing script cannot finish successfully during the allocated amount of time, the system will run it again and again until the site becomes fully indexed.
step Amount of time, in seconds, to elapse between index steps.
Site The site whose documents are to be indexed.
Module This list allows to select the area to re-index. You can re-index all the site, only static files; only information blocks or forums.

Click Re-index site to start re-indexing.