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Ranking rule parameters

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Context bar
Rule properties: "Rule" tab
Control buttons

This form is used to create a new or edit an existing ranking rule.

Applying a rule
involves: examining the search request; finding documents satisfying the request; searching for ranking rules matching the found documents and in case matching rules are found, ranking the search results according to sorting weights specified in matching rules.

For example, a user searches for documents containing "nokia phones", and the following rule exists: 

"Information blocks :: 'Catalog' block type :: 'Nokia Phones' information block :: sorting: 1"

When the search completes, the system will try to find a rule satisfying the search criteria. When searching for a rule, the system detects that some of the search results are the 'Nokia Phones' information block elements. Hence, the above described rule will be applied to the search results, which will apply the sorting value of 1 to results from the 'Nokia Phones' information block. In most cases, applying the sorting value of 1 automatically moves such search results to the top of list.

Context bar

Button Description
List of rules Opens the list of ranking rules.
Add a new rule Creates a new ranking rule.
Delete this rule Deletes the current rule.

Rule properties: "Rule" tab

Field Description
Site Choose the site on which the rule is to be effective. The rule will not be applied to search results on other sites.
Module The module (in fact, content disposition) to which the rule is applicable. The following content is supported:
  • static files. The rule scope is limited by the full path to a file specified in the parameter 3;
  • information blocks. The scope can be: information block type; information block; information block element. You can create a rule without setting a specific type, information block, or element. In this case, the rule will be applied to all types and elements of all information blocks.
  • forums. The scope can be: forum, forum thread, or a specific message. If none of these parameters are specified, the rule will be applied to all messages of all forums.
Parameter 1 First ranking parameter. Meaning depends on content disposition:
  • static files - not used;
  • information blocks - the information block type;
  • forums - the forum name.
Parameter 2 Second ranking parameter:
  • static files - not used;
  • information blocks - the information block;
  • forums - the forum thread.
Parameter 3 Third ranking parameter:
  • static files - file name;
  • information blocks - the information block element;
  • forums - the forum message text.
Custom rank The ranking rule weight (sort index). Defines the order in which documents matching the rule criteria are positioned in the search result list. The less is the weight, the higher is the position.

Control buttons

Button Description
Add Confirms the creation of a new rule and opens the list of rules.
Save Saves changes and opens the list of rules.
Apply Applies the changes performed.
Cancel Discards the changes performed and opens the list of rules.