Bitrix Site Manager


The Search module performs indexing and searching for information within the site. All text information that appears within the scope of the site in the form of static HTML pages or through modules (for example, information blocks, forum posts) becomes indexed automatically. You can search either the whole index, or a part of it.

Searches allow using special query language.

Query language

A common query in just one or more words, for example:

fresh fish salmon

This query will find pages containing all of the query words.

You can use logical operators to build more complicated queries, for example:

fresh fish or cleaner

This query will find pages containing both fresh and fish or cleaner.

fresh fish not mackerel

This query will find pages containing both fresh and fish but not mackerel.
You can use brackets for more complex queries.

Logical operators

Logical operator and is implied and can be omitted. A query fresh & fish is equivalent to fresh fish.
Logical operator or allow searching for records containing at least one of operands.
Logical operator not searches for records not containing an operand stated after the operator.
( )Round brackets define the logical operators precedence. Please make sure that all brackets are paired.
" "Searches for exact phrase.