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Tax rates

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  • List of tax rates
  • The Tax rates form is used to specify rates for taxes depending on the location and the payer type (optional).


    The filter is used to set the parameters for selecting tax rates to be displayed in the list. The table below describes the filter fields.

    Field Description
    Tax Mask of the name of the required tax rates.
    Site The site on which the required rate is active.
    Payer type Payer type whose tax rates are to be displayed.
    Location The location whose tax rates are to be displayed.

    Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    New tax rate Opens a form in which you can create a new tax rate.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    List of tax rates

    Field Description
    ID The ID of the tax rate.
    Modified The date and time the tax rate was last modified.
    Name The name of the tax rate.
    Payer type The payer type for which this tax rate is applied.
    Rate The tax rate value.
    Included in price Indicates that this tax is already included in product price.
    Tax priority index Defines the tax application order. If the values of the Tax priority index fields are equal, they are summed up and then applied to the amount.

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