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Tax management

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  • Tax settings
  • Adjusting tax rates
  • Example of the order cost calculation
  • Exemption from taxes
  • If any tax is specified in the system, it will be used for calculating the order price. The e-Store module adheres to the following tax structure.

    Tax settings

    Taxes can be defined on the tax settings page (e-Store -> e-Store Settings -> Taxes). On this page, you can add taxes to be used on your sites. Each tax is bound to a specific site. For example, the English site will use only taxes that are defined for this site.

    Adjusting tax rates

    Tax rates are defined on the Tax rates page (e-Store -> e-Store Settings -> Tax rates). On this page you can enter rates of taxes according to the customer location and payer type (providing the payer type is optional).

    To calculate taxes for a certain order, the system will select tax rates that meet the following requirements:

    If a country stipulates several locations, and you need to define the tax rate for the whole country, you are recommended to create a location group including all the country locations, and specify this group when defining a tax rate.

    If more than one tax rate is specified for the order, taxes rates are applied in the following sequence:

    Example of the order cost calculation

    Let us assume that we are purchasing items to the amount of €25. A discount for the sum exceeding €20 is 2%. Also, assume that the following tax rates exist for this order:

    The discounted price of the purchased items will be €24.5 (25 - 25 * 2% / 100).

    Tax rate 1 makes €4.53 (24.5 * 18.5% / 100).
    Tax rate 2 makes €0.66 (24.5 * 2.7% / 100).
    After Tax rate 1 and Tax rate 2 are applied, the order amount makes up €29.69 (24.5 + 4.53 + 0.66).

    Tax rate 3 makes €0.89 (29.69 * 3% / 100).

    After applying the discount and all of the taxes, the order cost will be €30.58 (29.69 + 0.89). The delivery cost is to be added to this value.

    Exemption from taxes

    You can use this feature if there are customers which can be partially exempted from taxes. Create a special group of customers, select it on the page of exemption from taxes (e-Store -> e-Store Settings -> Tax exemption), and indicate taxes that should not be applied to members of this group.

    Upon receiving documents confirming the right to be exempted from taxes from a customer, add this customer to the created user group. After that, this customer will be able to choose: whether to use tax exemption, or complete the order using common rules. If the customer chooses tax exemption, the taxes specified on the Tax exemption page of the tax exempt user group will not be added.