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  • List of taxes
  • How to create a tax
  • The Taxes form serves to add or edit taxes which are used by the system to calculate the order price. The page displays a list of taxes currently existing in the system. Each tax is bound to a specific site. For example, an English site will consider only taxes established for this site.

    List of taxes

    Field Description
    Checkbox column Used to select taxes to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
    Action menu
    Clicking the action button of any tax opens a menu allowing to:
    • Tax settings - edits the tax parameters;
    • Delete - deletes the status.
    ID The tax code in the system.
    Modified Date of the last modification of a tax.
    Site The site on which the tax is used. Depending on the site, various taxes can be used.
    Name The name of a tax.
    Mnemonic code The symbolic code of the tax (Latin letters only).
    Rates Number of rates specified for this tax. The link opens a form containing a list of tax rates.

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