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  • Types of order status
  • List of order statuses
  • State statuses
  • The Order statuses form is used to configure statuses in which an order can be. Statuses are used to inform clients and the e-Store staff about the current order state and operations currently being performed on the orders.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    New status Opens a form in which you can create a new status.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    List of order statuses

    Field Description
    Checkbox column Used to select statuses to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
    Action menu
    Clicking the action button of any status opens a menu allowing to:
    • Modify - edits the status parameters;
    • Delete - deletes the status.
    ID The status ID.
    Sort. Sort weight of the status. The more is the value, the higher the status is positioned in lists.
    Name The name and description of the status. This text is displayed to clients in the public section.
    The following two statuses are preset and cannot be deleted: