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Creating and editing a payment system

In this topic

  • Context bar
  • Editing form
  • "Payment system" tab
  • "<payer type>" tab
  • Controls
  • Handler files
  • This form is used to provide parameters of a new or existing payment system.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Payment system list Switches to a form containing a list of payment systems.
    Add a payment system Creates a new payment system in this form.
    Delete payment system Deletes the current payment system.

    Editing form

    "Payment system" tab
    ID The payment system ID.
    Site The site on which the payment system is available. Depending on the site, customers are offered different sets of payment systems.
    Currency* Currency in which the payment system functions.
    Name* The name of the payment system to display in the administrative section.
    Active Indicates the payment system is active.
    Sorting index Sort weight of the location. The more is the value, the higher the payment system is positioned in lists.
    Description Short text (up to 250 symbols) devoted to inform customers of the payment system special features.

    * - Required fields.

    "<payer type>" tab

    Here you can set the payment system parameters for the given payer type.

    Applicable to this payer type Defines whether the payment system is available for this payer type or not.
    Name* Name of the payment system to display to payers of this type, in the public section.
    Handler* Select here the file handler to process payments performed using this payment system.
    Open in new window If checked, the results of processing the payment with the selected handler will be displayed in the new browser window.
    Handler properties If the selected handler offers settings to configure, this section displays them.


    Button Description
    Save Applies changes performed on this page and switches to the list of payment systems. Displayed when editing an existing payment system.
    Apply Applies changes performed on this page without switching to the list of payment systems.
    Reset Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.

    Handler files

    Payment system file handlers are used as follows.