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Creating and editing an order property

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  • Context bar
  • Form fields (property settings)
  • Controls
  • This form is used to create or edit order properties.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Order properties list Opens a form with a list of order properties.
    Create a new property Creates a new property in this form.
    Delete property Deletes the current property.

    Form fields (property settings)

    ID The property ID.
    Payer type Clients who choose this payer type will be offered this property to fill in.
    Name The name of the property as it will be displayed to customers.
    Mnemonic code The code which uniquely identifies the property. It is used to identify the "order property" object.

    This field is for use by developers.

    Type The property type. It can have one of the following values:
    • CHECKBOX - checkbox;
    • TEXT - string;
    • SELECT - dropdown list where you can select one variant from several ones;
    • MULTISELECT - list from which you can select several values;
    • TEXTAREA - text;
    • LOCATION - locations;
    • RADIO - radio-button.
    Required Defines whether this field is required or not. Properties whose "Use as ..." settings are active are mandatory regardless of the value in this field.
    Default value The value which will be set in the field by default.
    Sorting index Relative weight of the property. Defines the position in the list.
    Include in profile Defines whether the property is included in the user profile or not.

    If a customer made orders in the store some time ago, one can avoid filling all the properties included in their profile. A customer can choose one of the stored profiles to automatically fill in the order properties.

    A customer can edit their profiles on the personal page. It is recommended  to include in the profile only those properties which are not changed from order to order, or those with a small list of variants (for example, the delivery address is usually constant and can be included into the profile, but the order contents varies; it is senseless to include it in the profile).
    Property group The property group to which this property belongs. Property groups are used for usability only.
    Size 1 Depends on the field type:
    • field length for properties of the TEXT type;
    • dropdown list size for the SELECT, MULTISELECT and LOCATION properties;
    • number of columns in the TEXTAREA properties.
    If the field is not set or zero, the default values are used.
    Size 2 Number of rows in the TEXTAREA properties. If this field is not defined, the default size is used.
    Property description Text informing users about how to fill this field. This text is displayed beside the input field.
    Use as location The value of the property will be used as the customer location to calculate the delivery cost. This checkbox can be selected only for the LOCATION properties.

    Define a property with the Use as location option active for each payer type, otherwise the delivery service processing will not function.

    Use as taxation location The value of the property will be used as a customer location for calculating tax rates. This checkbox can be selected only for LOCATION properties.

    Define a property with the Use as a location for taxes option active for each payer type; otherwise the tax rates will not be defined.

    A field with this checkbox can be titled as Location, Shipping Address, Billing Address etc.
    Use as e-mail Value of this field will be used as the e-mail address for registering new users. All e-mail messages will be sent to this e-mail address.

    If a property with the Use as E-Mail option active is not be defined, all unregistered users of this type will be registered with the default e-mail of the e-Store module settings.
    Use as a profile name Value of this property will be used as the user profile name.

    If a property with the Use as the profile name option active is not defined, all new profiles will be titled as Profile <date>. For example, the Last name of a customer can be the profile name.
    Use as a payer name Denotes the payer's name is to be used in the payment papers.
    List items

    If the property type is SELECT, MULTISELECT or RADIO, you have to specify possible values (options) to include in the control.

    Field Description
    Code A mnemonic code of the property value.
    Name The title (property value) to be displayed to users.
    Sort. Relative weight of the value. Defines the position of values in the list.
    Description The value description (meaningful only for RADIO properties).
    Delete Specifies values that will be deleted upon clicking Apply.

    For example, the SELECT Sex property can be assigned the following values:

    • "N / don't know / 50";
    • "M / male / 100";
    • "F / female / 150".


    Button Description
    Save Applies changes performed on this page and switches to the list of properties. Displayed when editing an existing property.
    Apply Applies changes performed on this page without switching to the list of properties.
    Cancel Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.