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Order details

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  • Context bar
  • Order information
  • "Order" tab
  • "Order items" tab
  • "Transactions" tab
  • Operation on orders
  • Context bar

    Button Description
    Orders Opens the list of orders.
    Edit order Opens a form in which you can edit the order.
    Print order Opens a form allowing to get the printed order documents.
    Delete order Deletes the current order.

    Order information

    The full information about a certain order is displayed in the detailed order review form.

    "Order" tab

    This tab contains the main order parameters.

    Field Description
    Order ID (the date when the order was placed)
    Last modification date The date the order was last edited or modified in any other way.
    Order site The site on which the order was placed.
    Current status The order status. The following statuses are available:
    • Accepted;
    • In progress;
    • Shipped;
    • Delivered.
    Order amount Total order amount to be paid (includes taxes, delivery and so on).
    Cancelled Indicates whether the order was cancelled or not.
    User account
    User The real customer name.
    User login The registered name of the customer
    User e-mail The e-mail address of the customer.
    Order parameters
    Payer type The payer type. One of the types registered in the system (physical body, legal entity, etc.)
    Package A package chosen by the customer when ordering. 
    Delivery address
    E-Mail The e-mail address of the order recipient.
    Location The name of the location to which the order will be delivered.
    Zip Zip.
    Postal code, address (without a city) The order delivery address.
    Contact person The person who is to receive the order.
    Customer comments Additional information provided by the customer when ordering.
    Payment system Payment system used for paying the order.
    Paid The payment status.
    Delivery service
    Delivery service The name of the registered delivery service.
    Delivery permitted Status indicating the order can be delivered; the person who permitted the delivery.
    Comment Comment provided by the e-Store staff.
    "Order items" tab

    This tab shows the order contents.

    Field Description
    Name The name of the product.
    Properties Product properties to be passed to the order (ID, colour, size etc.).
    Price type Type of the price by which the customer buys the product.
    Quantity Number of product items.
    Price Total price of this order entry.
    Discount Total amount of discounts applied.
    Tax Total amount of taxes.
    Delivery Cost of delivery of this order.
    Total Total order amount.
    "Transactions" tab

    This tab displays the flow of the client's fund in the context of the current order.

    Field Description
    Date The date and time the transaction was performed.
    User The ID, first and last names of the user who carried out the transaction.
    Amount The transaction amount.
    • Negative values (with "-") means debiting funds from the client's account.
    • Positive values (with "+") means placing funds to the client's account.
    Description Standard description of the transaction.
    Comment Any comment posted.

    Order operations

    In the detailed order review form, you can can perform the following actions.

    Cancel or restore the order Use the Change status link beside the Canceled field.
    Pay or cancel the payment Use the Change status link beside the Paid field.
    Confirm or cancel the delivery permission Use the Change status link beside the Delivery allowed field.
    Change the order status Use the Change status link beside the Current order status field.
    Add comments to the order Use the Add comment link beside the Comment field.

    This can be any text describing the order flow, which will available only for the e-Store staff.