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  • How to view full order information
  • How to pay for an order
  • The Orders form serves for managing orders of the store customers. By using this form, you can:


    To view orders with certain parameters, set the appropriate filters for the list of orders. The table below describes the filter fields.

    Field Description
    Order date Specifies the range of dates within which the required orders occurred.
    Order ID Finds orders by the order ID.
    Site / Currency Specifies the site whose orders are be displayed, and the currency of the required orders.
    Order status Allows to find orders by one or more status in which the required orders are, e.g.:
    • Accepted;
    • In process;
    • Shipped;
    • Delivered.
    Date of status modification Allows to display orders whose status changed within the specified range of dates. To define the range of dates, you can use either the list with the number of days or calendars.
    Paid Displays paid, unpaid or all orders.
    Delivery allowed Displays orders whose delivery allowed, not yet allowed, or all orders.
    Payment is authorized in PS Displays all orders or only those with a certain status of authorization in the payment system.
    Payment system Finds orders that were paid using a required payment system.
    Cancelled Displays cancelled, non-cancelled or all orders.
    Customer The "Customer" filter field selects orders by the customer's first name, last name or e-mail address. If don't have the exact information, you can use wildcards % and ? (for example, if you know that the e-mail of the customer starts with "orders", you can enter "orders%" in this field).
    Product ID (in order) Allows to find orders by the ID of a product in the order.

    Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    List of orders

    The list of orders displays the following values.

    Checkbox column Used to select orders to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
    Action menu
    Clicking the action button of any order opens a menu allowing to:
    • Order details- views the order details; some parameters can be edited;
    • Print- prints the order papers;
    • Edit order - opens the order editing form;
    • Delete - deletes the order.
    ID The ID of the order; the date it was created.
    Paid Indicates whether the order has been paid or not.
    Canceled Indicates whether the order has been canceled or not.
    Status The current order status (e.g. accepted, paid etc.).
    Sum Total amount of the order, including discounts, extras, taxes and delivery.
    Customer The ID, name and last name of the customer as registered in the system. The link on the ID opens the user editing form.
    Payment system The payment system preferred by the customer.
    PS response If the payment system allows obtaining the payment status, this field displays it (e.g. succeeded, failed).
    Items The order contents.

    Order operations

    The system offers a set of operations which can be applied to each order in the list. To do so, select the required orders by checking the boxes in the Checkbox column, and then select the desired action in the Action bar below the list.

    Select the action of your choice and click Apply.

    Action Description
    Update payment system statuses Queries the payment systems for the new status information on the selected orders.
    Export to Excel Exports information about the selected orders to a XLS file.
    Export to CSV Exports information about the selected orders to a CSV file.
    Export to CommerceML Exports information about the selected orders to a CML file.

    How to print order documents

    To print documents for a certain order, select Print in the Action menu to open the printing documents form.

    How to view full order information

    To view the full order information, select the Order details in the Action menu to display the form with the full information.

    How to pay for an order

    To pay an order (in other words, change the Paid field value to Yes), select Order details in the Action menu (which opens the order details form), and change the payment status in the Payment section (the Order tab) .