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Module settings (e-Store)

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  • Settings form
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  • "Credit cards" tab
  • "Permissions for orders" tab
  • "Access" tab
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  • After you have installed the e-Store module, you have to configure it before you start working with it. To do so, switch to the global settings page (menu System settings -> Settings, select e-Store in the drop-down list).

    Settings form

    "Settings" tab

    This form (tab) provides interface for customizing the main parameters of the module.

    Parameter Meaning
    Sales department e-mail The e-mail to which the messages from the module will be sent.
    Default registration e-mail Only the registered users are allowed to make purchases in the e-Store. If a customer has not been previously registered in the system, they are prompted to register at the check-out time. This field contains the e-mail address that will be used as the customer's e-mail address for registering such users by default.

    If an order has an e-mail property filled in, its value will be used instead of the default e-mail address (see Order properties).
    Keep basket information (days) The period of time (days), during which the customer's shopping cart will be preserved.
    Path to custom payment systems processing files If you use custom payment system(s), you have to create the payment system handler file and specify the path to the file in this field.
    File containing custom order viewing form You can use custom forms for viewing the information about orders. This field is used to set the pathname to such a file.

    A custom order viewing form can be created similarly to the information block element editing form.
    Fix Catalog module (catalog) as a catalog of products Check this option if you plan to sell products from the context of the e-Store module only. This will restrict products that can be added to a user's shopping cart to those containing in the e-Store module.
    Default currency When creating an order, product prices and the total amount will be displayed in the default currency.

    If the price of any product was set in some other currency, the price will be recalculated using the rate specified in the Currency module.

    "Credit cards" tab

    This tab is used to control the credit card number are encrypted before transmitting via the Internet.

    Field Description
    Path to key file Full path to the file containing the encryption password. For example: d:/projects/siteman/bitrix/modules/sale/install/data.php.
    Encryption algorithm The required encryption algorithm:
    • RC4;
    • AES (Rijndael) (requires the Mcrypt PHP module);
    • 3DES (Triple - DES) (requires the Mcrypt PHP module).

    These algorithms are mutually incompatible. You must not change the algorithm if there are any encrypted information in the system.

    "Permissions for orders" tab

    This tab controls users' access to customers' orders.

    Additional site parameters
    Site The name of the site for which the settings are displayed.
    Currency The currency used in the public section of the given site. When ordering, all prices and the resulting total order sum will be displayed in this currency. If the price of a specific product is stored in a different currency, the price will be recalculated using the rate of exchange provided by the Currency module.
    Groups allowed to access orders of the site Groups of users who can access orders of the given site.
    Permissions to change order state
    State The order state:
    • Paid - an order has been fully paid;
    • Canceled - an order has been canceled;
    • For delivery - order items can be delivered.
    User groups User groups who are granted permission to move orders to the respective state.

    "Access" tab

    This tab allows to configure the access permissions of user groups for the module.

    Field Description
    Default Changes the default permission. This affects all user groups that have the default access permission.
    [User group] Changes the permission of a specific user group. The following access permissions apply to the e-Store module:
    • deny - any access is denied;
    • read-only - users can only view files and settings of the module;
    • manage orders - users can process orders placed by customers;
    • full access - full read and write access to module files and settings, including order processing and managing access permissions of other user groups.


    Button Description
    Save Saves the performed changes.
    Reset Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.
    Restore defaults Resets module settings to their default values.