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  • List of locations
  • Loading locations from file
  • "Import locations" tab
  • Example of a location file
  • The Locations form is used to define location areas from which a customer will choose an order delivery destination. Turther, this location will be used for displaying a list of the available delivery services, calculation of delivery cost and as a part of the physical delivery address.


    The filter is used to set the parameters for selecting locations to be displayed in the list.

    Field Description
    Country A list of countries from which you can select the country to display in the list.
    Country Allows to use complex searches with country names.
    City The name of city to display.

    Click Set filter to activate the filter. To display all information, click Cancel.

    Context bar

    Button Description
    New location Opens a form in which you can create a new location.
    Excel Exports data from the table to the MS Excel format.

    List of locations

    Field Description
    Checkbox column Used to select locations to which the desired actions are to be applied. Available rules and actions can be found in the action bar below the table.
    Action menu
    Clicking the action button of any location opens a menu allowing to:
    • Modify - edits the location parameters;
    • Delete - deletes the location.
    ID The location ID.
    Country The location country.
    City The location city. The city should conform the location country.
    Sort. Sorting value of location. The more is the value, the higher is the location position in lists.

    How to load locations from file

    You can load locations from a special file. To do so, use functions of the Import locations tab. Existing locations can be erased automatically by enabling the Clear existing locations option.

    "Import locations" tab
    Field Description
    File A file containing locations. Click Browse to select a file on your computer.
    Clear existing locations This option erases all the existing locations before importing new ones from the file.

    This options will kill all locations, even those specified in addresses of existing active orders.

    Example of a location file
    S,en,Russian Federation,ru,Russia

    The first string (en in the example) contains the site whose name will be displayed in the administration section and used for search when importing.

    Other file lines must contain the data to import. First, the country is specified (the string starts with "S"), then all the cities in this country (strings start with "T"), then the next country and so on.

    Each string has the following format (below is an example; lines must not break in a real file):

    <Country/City tag (S/T)>,
    <Site (language of name)>,<name for defined before site>,
    <Site (language of name)>,<name for defined before site>...

    Names should be defined for all sites. If some of sites do not exist, they will be ignored.

    If a country already exists in the system, it will not be loaded but the existing record will be used. Cities are always loaded, regardless of whether such names are present or not.