Bitrix Site Manager


 array arFields

The method Add creates a new tax rate given its parameters.


arFields Associated array containing parameters of the new tax rate whose keys are the order parameter names, and values are the parameter values.

The following values are possible:
  • TAX_ID - the tax ID;
  • PERSON_TYPE_ID - the payer ID;
  • VALUE - amount of tax (percentage);
  • CURRENCY - currency;
  • IS_PERCENT - always set to "Y";
  • IS_IN_PRICE - product price includes the tax amount;
  • APPLY_ORDER - order in which the tax is applied;
  • ACTIVE - specifies the tax is active (Y/N);
  • TAX_LOCATION - array used to define locations and location groups to which this tax is applicable. Each entry in this array is in its turn an array with the following keys:
    • LOCATION_ID - the ID of location or location group;
    • LOCATION_TYPE - set to "L" for locations and to "G" for location groups.

Return Values

Returns the ID of the new tax rate on success or false otherwise.