Bitrix Site Manager


 int ID,
  array arFields


The method Update replaces parameters of the subscription renewal with those from the arFields array.


ID The ID of the record to be modified.
arFields Associated array containing new parameters of the new subscription renewal with the following keys:
  • USER_ID - the user ID;
  • MODULE - the module whose product is to be renewed;
  • PRODUCT_ID - the ID of the product to be renewed;
  • PRODUCT_NAME - the name of the product to be renewed;
  • PRODUCT_URL - the reference to the product to be renewed;
  • RECUR_SCHEME_TYPE - type of the paid subscription validity period;
  • RECUR_SCHEME_LENGTH - length of the paid subscription validity period;
  • WITHOUT_ORDER - flag: without ordering;
  • ORDER_ID - the ID of the base renewal order;
  • CANCELED - flag: renewal is cancelled;
  • DESCRIPTION - the description;
  • CALLBACK_FUNC - the callback function used to update the renewal parameters;
  • REMAINING_ATTEMPTS - number of attempts left to accomplish the renewal;
  • SUCCESS_PAYMENT - the renewal was successful;
  • CANCELED_REASON - reason of cancellation;
  • DATE_CANCELED - the date of cancellation;
  • PRIOR_DATE - the date of the last renewal;
  • NEXT_DATE - the date of the next renewal.

Return Values

The method returns the ID of the modified record on success, or false otherwise.