Bitrix Site Manager


 int ID,
 array arFields

The method Update replaces the tax amount parameters with the new ones from the supplied array.


ID The ID of the tax amount whose parameters are to be modified.
arFields Associated array containing new parameters of the tax amount whose keys are the order parameter names, and values are the parameter values.

The following values are possible:
  • ORDER_ID - the order ID (required);
  • TAX_NAME - tax name;
  • VALUE - amount of tax (percentage);
  • VALUE_MONEY - total calculated amount of this tax;
  • APPLY_ORDER - order in which the tax is applied;
  • CODE - mnemonic tax code;
  • IS_PERCENT - must be set to "Y";
  • IS_IN_PRICE - product price includes the tax amount (Y/N).

Return Values

Returns the ID of the updated tax amount on success or false otherwise.