Bitrix Site Manager


  int ID

The method GetByID retrieves parameters of the specified property.


ID The ID of the property whose properties are to be retrieved.

Return Values

Returns an associated array with the following keys.

Key Description
ID The property ID.
PERSON_TYPE_ID Payer type.
NAME The property name.
TYPE Property type:
  • CHECKBOX - check box button;
  • TEXT - single line text;
  • SELECT - drop-down list;
  • MULTISELECT - multiple selection list;
  • TEXTAREA - multiple line text field;
  • LOCATION - location;
  • RADIO - radio button;
REQUIED Specifies the field is required (Y/N).
DEFAULT_VALUE Default value.
SORT Sort weight.
USER_PROPS Specifies the field is included in the customer profile (Y/N)
IS_LOCATION Specifies the field value is to be used as a customer location when calculating the delivery price (only for LOCATION fields) (Y/N).
PROPS_GROUP_ID The property group ID.
SIZE1 Field width.
SIZE2 Field height.
DESCRIPTION Property description.
IS_EMAIL Denotes the field value should be used as a customer's e-mail address (Y/N).
IS_PROFILE_NAME Denotes the field value should be used as a customer's profile name (Y/N).
IS_PAYER Denotes the field value should be used as a payer name (Y/N).
IS_LOCATION4TAX Specifies the use of the property value as a customer location for the tax calculations (only for LOCATION fields) (Y/N).
CODE Property mnemonic code.


if ($arOrderProps = CSaleOrderProps::GetByID($ID))
   echo "<pre>";
   echo "</pre>";