Bitrix Site Manager


  int ID,
  array arFields

The method Update replaces parameters of the location group with the new ones.


ID The location group ID.
arFields Associated array containing new parameters of the location group. In this array, the keys are the parameter names, and the values are the new values. The following keys are possible:
  • SORT - sort weight;
  • LOCATION_ID - array of location ID's that are members of this group;
  • LANG - array of language-dependent parameters of the group. Each entry of this array has the following format: array("LID"=>"parameter language", "NAME"=>"Group name")

Return Values

Returns the ID of the updated group on success or false otherwise.


$arFields = array(
   "SORT" => 150,
   "LOCATION_ID" => array(12, 34, 35, 36, 37),
   "LANG" => array(
      array("LID" => "en", "NAME" => "Group 1")
      array("LID" => "fr", "NAME" => "Groupe 1"),

if (!CSaleLocationGroup::Update(2, $arFields))
   echo "Error updating a group";