Bitrix Site Manager


  int ID,
  array arFields

The method Update updates parameters of the discount.


ID The discount ID.
arFields Associated array whose keys are the names of the discount parameters to be updated, and values are the new parameter values. You can specify keys that require update only; other parameters remain will untouched.

The following keys are possible:
  • LID - the ID of the site to which this discount is bound;
  • PRICE_FROM - minimum total order price to which this discount is applicable;
  • PRICE_TO - maximum total order price to which this discount is applicable;
  • CURRENCY - currency in which all money values are specified in this record;
  • DISCOUNT_VALUE - discount value;
  • DISCOUNT_TYPE - type of the discount value (P - percentage, V - absolute value);
  • ACTIVE - flag indicating the discount is active (Y/N);
  • SORT - sort weight. If more than one discount can be applied to an order price, the discount with the less SORT is taken first.

Return Values

Returns the ID of the updated discount or false otherwise.