Bitrix Site Manager

Importing templates

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Form fields

The Importing templates form is used to load the prepared site templates into the system.

Form fields

Field Description
Template file Click Browse to select a g-zipped template file to be imported.
Template ID After the upload completes, the template archive will be decompressed and stored in a folder with the same name as the archived file. For example, if you upload a file template1.tar.gz, the template will be stored in /template1/, and will have the ID of template1.

If you prefer to give the template and the storage folder another name, specify it in this field.
Make template default for the site In this field you can select a site for which the new template will become the default.
Edit after import If checked, the new template will be opened for editing right after the import operation completes.


Button Description
Upload Uploads and import the selected template.