Bitrix Site Manager


This form can be accessed by selecting System settings -> Update in the left menu of the administrative section.

Update system is used to update the system modules to the latest version as well as download new modules. Registered users only can download and install updates. Any updates affect the system kernel only (folder /bitrix/),  public section remains untouched.

If you have manually changed at least one of the kernel files (in folder /bitrix/ except files in folder /bitrix/php_interface/) or the database structure, automatic update can bring to unexpected results.

Module update involves 3 steps.

  1. The system displays a list of modules with the updates available. Select modules that you want to download updates for. If no updates are available, you have the latest versions of all modules.

    Selected modules will be downloaded to the temporary subfolder of the folder /bitrix/updates/.
  2. The system displays a list of downloaded module updates. Select modules that you want to update. If the Result column shows status other than Downloaded, try to download update(s) again.

    Selected modules will be updated. New modules will be copied to the system kernel.
  3. The system shows a list of updated modules. New modules display links to the module installation system.