Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing a site (site properties)

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Context bar
Editing form

Context bar

Button Description
List of sites Opens a list of sites.
Create new site Creates a new site in this form.
Copy site Creates a new site by duplicating the currently edited site.
Delete site Deletes the currently edited site.

Editing form

Fields Description
ID The site ID. A site identifier is a two-letter abbreviation, e.g. ru, en.
Active Indicates whether the site is active or not. Inactive sites cannot be viewed (they become unavailable).
Name The name of the site.
Parameters identifying a site in the public section
Default If checked, the site is the default. The system open the default site whenever a visitor tries to view the site by its domain name (
Domain One or more domain names of the site.
Site folder The path to the site folder. The system kernel allows the following URL types to identify sites:
  • relative (/fr/, /en/) - for different site mirrors of the same domain name controlled by a single system;
  • absolute root ( - for different sites controlled by a single system;
  • absolute ( - for isolated mirrors and/or sites controlled by a single system.
Sorting index The site sort weight. Defined the site position in lists.
Language The language used to display text context of the site.
Date format The short date format used by this site, e.g. DD.MM.YYYY.
Date-time format The long date format (including time) used by this site, e.g. DD.MM.YYYY HH:MI:SS.
Encoding The page encoding used by this site. The value defines the encoding type with which the page text is to be rendered. The encoding depends on the language chosen.
Site name The arbitrary site name.
Server URL The URL of the server on which the site runs. Used in mail messages to identify sender (e.g. for automated messages).
Default e-mail address The default sender address. Used in the From field.
Path to the web server root folder of this site The path to the web server root folder of this site. Clicking the link insert current inserts the current root folder path.

If all sites run on a single web server, leave this field blank.
Create e-mail templates With this field, you can create e-mail templates which will be used to generate e-mail messages:
  • don't create - no templates need to be created;
  • link to existing site templates - allows to use templates of one of currently existing sites;
  • copy from site templates - create new templates by copying templates of one of currently existing sites.
This section allows to define conditions which will stipulate the use of site design templates in different situations.
Field Description
Template Shows available site templates. Click the button to preview the desired template.
Sort The condition sort weight. Defined the position of the condition in this list, thus affecting the order in which conditions are applied.
Condition type The type of condition which, when true, will cause the corresponding template to be applied:
  • File or folder: a page or section for which the template will be used;
  • User group: one or more user groups for whom the site appearance will be directed by the respective template;
  • Time period: the date or a date range during which the site will be displayed using the respective template;
  • URL parameter: a parameter in URL which, if present, will cause the respective template to be applied;
  • PHP expression: arbitrary expression in the PHP language.
Condition The condition itself. Depends on the selection in the previous field.

Leave this field blank to make the template applied by default.


Button Description
Save Applies changes performed on this page and switches to the list of sites. Displayed when editing an existing site.
Apply Applies changes performed on this page without switching to the list of sites.
Reset Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.