Bitrix Site Manager

Creating and editing e-mail message templates

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Context bar
Form fields

This form is used to create and edit e-mail message templates.

Context bar

Button Description
Templates Opens a list of all existing e-mail message templates.
Add template Creates a new e-mail message template in this form.
Copy copy Creates a new template by duplicating the currently edited one.
Delete language Deletes the currently edited template.

Form fields

Fields marked with ** can contain macros from the Available fields section.

Field Description
Last update The date the template was last modified.
Active If checked, the template is active. Inactive templates are not used for generating a-mail messages.
Site The site(s) for whose messages the given template can be used.
Event type The code and name of the event type which, when occurred, causes a message to be generated using the given e-mail template.
From** The message sender address.
To** The message recipient address.
BCC** The addresses of recipients who will receive the message as BCC.
Subject** The e-mail message subject as will be seen in the Subject e-mail message field.
Message body type The message body format:
  • Text - plain text;
  • HTML - specifies the use of HTML to create and send messges.
Message body**
Create the message here.
Available fields
This section contains macros which can be used in fields marked with **.

For example, the From field may contain the #DEFAULT_EMAIL_FROM# macro. This will insert the default e-mail address specified in the site or maim module settings.


Button Description
Save Applies changes performed on this page and switches to the list of templates. Displayed when editing an existing template.
Apply Applies changes performed on this page without switching to the list of templates.
Reset Cancels current changes and restores parameters to their original values.