Bitrix Site Manager

General Information

The Bitrix Site Manager is the technological base for building and managing web sites. It offers efficient way to develop, support and maintain your web projects.

The Bitrix Site Manager can be used by both corporate customers and individual web developers as the base to develop new sites from scratch and manage the existing sites.

The Bitrix Site Manager allows to build as many sites as you need, using a single copy (license) of the product. This means that you have to keep a single copy of the system and database on the server.

What is more, with the Bitrix Site Manager you can:

The product will minimize web site maintenance costs owing to simple process of management of static and dynamic information. You will not need any web design or programming expert service in maintaining and managing your site. A web site built with the Bitrix Site Manager can be managed by an office employee, i.e. a common PC user without any programming, HTML layout or web design skills.