Bitrix Site Manager

Other functions

check_email Checks an e-mail address for syntax validity.
FindUserID Emits the code of HTML elements allowing to enter a user ID and obtain details on a user.
LocalRedirect Performs the client browser redirect to the specified page.
QueryGetData Queries the specified web address using the HTTP protocol.
GetWhoisLink Returns a link to one of the Whois servers used to obtain information on the specified IP address.
DeleteParam Builds a parameter string from the $HTTP_GET_VARS array, deleting parameters with names specified.
InitURLParam Initialises variables and arrays with parameters passed in an URL.
IsIE Returns true if the current client browser is "MS Internet Explorer".
Rel2Abs Returns path that is relative to the specified directory.
BXClearCache Deletes all or expired cache files on the specified path.
GetCountryByID Returns the name of the specified country in the specified language.
GetCountryArray Returns a sorted array of countries whose names are returned in the specified language.
ShowError Emits the error message.
ShowNote Emits a message.
ShowMessage Used to emit error descriptions and other messages.