Bitrix Site Manager


 string from_module_id,
 string event_id,
 string to_module_id,
 string to_class = "",
 string to_method = "",
 int sort = 100

The function RegisterModuleDependences register an event handler.


from_module_id The ID of the module whose event is to be processed.
event_id The event ID.
to_module_id The ID of the module containing an event handler.
to_class Name of a class from the module, whose method is the event handler.
Optional. The default value is "" (which tells to include file /bitrix/modules/to_module_id/include.php).
to_method Method of a class to_class which is the event handler itself.
Optional. The default value is "" (which tells to include file /bitrix/modules/to_module_id/include.php).
sort Order in which the registered handler is to be called (more than one handler can be registered for an event).
Optional, 100 by default.

See Also


// To clean a forum data after the site deletion, 
// register a handler of "OnUserDelete" event 
// of the "main" (Kernel) module. 
// The event handler if the method CForum::OnUserDelete 
// of the Forum module.

RegisterModuleDependences("main", "OnUserDelete", "forum", "CForum", "OnUserDelete");