Bitrix Site Manager


 string from_module_id,
 string event_id,
 mixed callback,
 int sort = 100,
 mixed full_path = false

The function AddEventHandler registers an event handler (callback) of an event event_id with the module from_module_id. If a full path to the file containing the handler is specified (full_path), the file will be included before calling the handler.


from_module_id The ID of the module whose event is to be processed.
event_id The event ID.
callback The user defined event handler function. If a class method is to be passed in this parameter, pass an array in the format Array(class(object), method name) here.
sort Order in which the registered handler is to be called (more than one handler can be registered for an event).
Optional, 100 by default.
full_path Full path to the file which is to be included upon event before calling the handler callback.

See Also


// file /bitrix/php_interface/init.php
AddEventHandler("main", "OnBeforeUserLogin", Array("MyClass", "BeforeLogin"));
class MyClass
  function BeforeLogin(&$arFields)
            global $APPLICATION;
            $APPLICATION->throwException("User with login "Guest" cannot be authorised.");
            return false;