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 string by,
 mixed page = false,
 string by_var = "by",
 string order_var = "order",
 string anchor = "nav_start"

The function SortingEx returns HTML code used to display sorting direction visual cues. Usually, the function is used in a table header.


by Value which will be passed to the variable by_var. Usually, the sorting field ID is specified in this parameter.
page A page url(with all parameters) to which a link on a sorting direction arrow will be built.
Optional. False by default which means that the current page is used.
by_var Name of a variable to receive a value of the parameter by.
Optional. The default value is "by".
order_var The name of a variable containing the sorting direction: "asc" (ascending) or "desc" (descending).
Optional. "order" by default.
anchor An anchor to which a page will be scrolled in browser after setting the sorting.
Optional. "nav_start" by default.

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        <td>Element header</td>