Bitrix Site Manager


 mixed var,
 bool safe_for_html = true,
 array extra_vars = array("filter"=>"Y","set_filter"=>"Y")

The function GetFilterParams returns the string containing the URL parameters from an array of variables or variables whose names begin with the prefix specified.


var Names of variables. This parameter allows either an array of variables names, or a string with prefix of the required variables. 
safe_for_html If set to "true", the result will be converted to the HTML safe format.
extra_vars This parameter specifies an array of names and values of parameters to add to the result; array has the following format:
array("variable_name" => "variable_value")
This parameter is commonly used for passing the name and value of the button Set Filter.
Optional. The default value is array("filter" => "Y", "set_filter" => "Y").

See Also


// This code builds a link allowing to 
// open the page adv.php with the variables
// used to open the current page
// whose names have prefix "filter_"
<a href="adv.php?id=<?echo $f_ID?>&<?echo GetFilterParams("filter_");?>">Modify</a>