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 mixed var,
 array extra_vars = array("filter"=>"Y","set_filter"=>"Y")

The function GetFilterHiddens returns a number of hidden HTML form tags. The tags returned are built using variables whose names are passed in the array, or their prefix is specified in the mixed type parameter.


var Names of variables. This parameter allows either an array of variables names, or a string with prefix of the required variables.
extra_vars This parameter specifies an array of names and values of parameters to add to the result; array has the following format:
array("variable_name" => "variable_value")
This parameter is commonly used for passing the name and value of the button Set Filter.
Optional. The default value is array("filter" => "Y", "set_filter" => "Y").

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<form method="GET">
    // add a number of hidden tags whose names prefix is "filter_"
    // and values equal to the corresponding variables values
    echo GetFilterHiddens("filter_");
    <input type="hidden" name="lang" value="<?echo LANGUAGE_ID?>">
    <input type="submit" name="Add" value="Add a new record&gt;">