Bitrix Site Manager


 string login,
 string first_name,
 string last_name,
 string password,
 string password_confirmation,
 string email,
 string site_id = SITE_ID

The method Register registers and authorizes a new user and sends a message using the template NEW_USER. Returns an array with the report on processing which can be passed to ShowMessage.

The method can only be used in the public section of the site!


login Login of a new user (at least 3 symbols).
first_name First name of a new user (can be empty).
last_name Last name of a new user (can be empty).
password Password (at least 3 symbols).
password_confirmation Password confirmation (must be equal to password for the registration to succeed).
email E-mail of a new user (at least 3 symbols). E-mail is the subject of verification by the function check_email.
site_id ID of the site whose e-mail template is to be used for the notification dispatch (NEW_USER, USER_INFO etc.).
Optional. The current site is used by default.

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global $USER;
$arResult = $USER->Register("admin", "", "", "123456", "123456", "");
ShowMessage($arResult); // display result as a message
echo $USER->GetID(); // ID of a new user