Bitrix Site Manager


CSite is the class used to manage sites.


LID char (2) The site ID.
SORT int Sort order.
DEF char The default site (Y|N).
ACTIVE char Active state (Y|N).
NAME varchar (50) The site short name.
DIR varchar (50) Root directory of the site content.
FORMAT_DATE varchar (50) Date format.
FORMAT_DATETIME varchar (50) Date and time format.
CHARSET varchar (255) Encoding of site pages.
LANGUAGE_ID char (2) Site language ID.
DOC_ROOT varchar (255) Full path to the root directory of the site web server content (if sites have different DOCUMENT_ROOT).
SERVER_NAME varchar (255) The site URL.
SITE_NAME varchar (255) The site full name.
EMAIL varchar (255) The default e-mail address.


GetList Returns the list of sites.
GetByID Retrieves information about the specified site .
GetDateFormat Returns date format for the site language.
Add Adds a new site.
Update Changes the existing site.
Delete Deletes a site.

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