Bitrix Site Manager


CModule is the class to handle modules.

All the classes describing the specific modules in the system must inherit from the CModule class. Classes implementing any module must have name equal to the module ID. The module description must reside in file /bitrix/modules/module ID/install/index.php.


MODULE_VERSION Current module version.
MODULE_VERSION_DATE Date of the current module version.
MODULE_NAME Module name.
MODULE_DESCRIPTION Module description.
MODULE_GROUP_RIGHTS If "Y", the module supports the access permission distribution schema specified in the module settings. 


Method Description
GetList Returns a list of modules installed in the system.
GetDropDownList Returns selection from the database which can be passed to functions SelectBox.
Add Adds the module ID to the table b_module.
Remove Deletes the module ID from the table b_module.
GetModuleRightList Returns the array describing a specialized schema of the module access permission distribution.
DoInstall Launches the module installation procedure.
DoUninstall Launches the module uninstallation procedure.
IncludeModule Checks whether the module is installed and if so, includes it (namely, includes file /bitrix/modules/module ID/include.php).
IsInstalled Determines whether the module is installed.

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