Bitrix Site Manager


 mixed message,
 bool show_header = true,
 bool show_footer = true,
 string not_show_links = "N"

The method AuthForm includes components depending on the parameters passed in the URL.
Parameter Value Component Path to component
forgot_password yes Lost password retrieval main/auth/forgot_password.php
change_password yes Lost password change main/auth/change_password.php
register yes Registration form main/auth/registration.php
authorize_registration yes Authorization and registration form main/auth/authorize_registration.php

If neither of the parameters are specified, the method includes the Authorization form component (main/auth/authorize.php).

The method stops the execution of the current page after the inclusion of the required component.


message String containing the error message, or array in the format Array("MESSAGE" => message, "TYPE" => "ERROR"|"OK") (processed in the ShowMessage function)
show_header If true, the method emits the prologue code (top part of a page). If set to false, the prolog is not emitted.
show_footer If true, the method emits the epilogue code (bottom part of a page). If set to false, the prolog is not emitted.
not_show_links This parameter is passed to the component Authorization form (main/auth/authorize.php). If set to Y, the links to register, retrieve or change the forgotten password are not displayed. If set to N,  the links are displayed (the default behaviour).

See Also


// get read access permission for the file 
// "/download/document.doc" for the current user
$FILE_PERM = $APPLICATION->GetFileAccessPermission("/download/document.doc");
$FILE_PERM = (strlen($FILE_PERM)>0 ? $FILE_PERM : "D");
// display the auth. form is read access is denied
if($FILE_PERM<"R") $APPLICATION->AuthForm("Cannot access this file.");