Bitrix Site Manager


 string table,
 array fields,
 string where = "",
 string error_position = "",
 bool debug = false,
 bool ignore_errors = false

The method Update updates records in the table with the valued passed in fields.

Values of all fields must be prepared for an SQL query (for example using the method CDatabase::ForSql).


table Name of the table.
fields Array of field values in the format "field"=>"value",...
where Condition for the WHERE statement in the SQL format.
Optional; all records are updated by default.
error_position String indicating the method call position in the code (e.g. __LINE__). If an SQL query fails and the file /bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php has the variable $DBDebug=true;, the error_position and the failure SQL query are printed.
debug If set to true, the method prints the text of an SQL query.
ignore_errors Specifies to ignore errors. If set to true, the method ignores any SQL errors and continues execution.
Optional; false by default.

Return Values

Returns the number of updated records.

See Also


if (strlen($save)>0)
    if (CheckFields())
        $arFields = array(
            "TIMESTAMP_X"             => $DB->GetNowFunction(),
            "NAME"                    => "'".trim($str_NAME)."'",
            "VARNAME"                 => "'".trim($str_VARNAME)."'",
            "C_SORT"                  => "'".intval($str_C_SORT)."'",
            "FIRST_SITE_ID"           => "'".$DB->ForSql($FIRST_SITE_ID,2)."'",
            "BUTTON"                  => "'".$str_BUTTON."'",
            "DESCRIPTION"             => "'".$str_DESCRIPTION."'",
            "DESCRIPTION_TYPE"        => "'".$str_DESCRIPTION_TYPE."'",
            "SHOW_TEMPLATE"           => "'".trim($str_SHOW_TEMPLATE)."'",
            "MAIL_EVENT_TYPE"         => "'".$DB->ForSql("FORM_FILLING_".$str_VARNAME,50)."'",
            "SHOW_RESULT_TEMPLATE"    => "'".trim($str_SHOW_RESULT_TEMPLATE)."'",
            "PRINT_RESULT_TEMPLATE"   => "'".trim($str_PRINT_RESULT_TEMPLATE)."'",
            "EDIT_RESULT_TEMPLATE"    => "'".trim($str_EDIT_RESULT_TEMPLATE)."'",
            "FILTER_RESULT_TEMPLATE"  => "'".trim($str_FILTER_RESULT_TEMPLATE)."'",
            "TABLE_RESULT_TEMPLATE"   => "'".trim($str_TABLE_RESULT_TEMPLATE)."'",
            "STAT_EVENT1"             => "'".trim($str_STAT_EVENT1)."'",
            "STAT_EVENT2"             => "'".trim($str_STAT_EVENT2)."'",
            "STAT_EVENT3"             => "'".trim($str_STAT_EVENT3)."'"
        if ($ID>0) 
            $DB->Update("b_form", $arFields, "WHERE ID='".$ID."'", $err_mess.__LINE__);
            $ID = $DB->Insert("b_form", $arFields, $err_mess.__LINE__);
        $ID = intval($ID);
        if (strlen($strError)<=0) 
            if (strlen($save)>0) LocalRedirect("form_list.php?lang=".LANGUAGE_ID);
            elseif ($new=="Y") LocalRedirect("form_edit.php?lang=".LANGUAGE_ID."&ID=".$ID);
        else $DB->Rollback();