Bitrix Site Manager


 string additionalCacheID [,
 string cachePath]]

The internal caching helper method.

Used if the cache has to be cleared due to any external event. For example, when certain information is modified.


Parameter Description
additionalCacheID The cache depends on the current site (SITE_ID), component name, file path and input parameters $arParams. If the cache is to depend on any other parameters, they must be specified here as a string. By default, the parameter is false, i.e. cache only depends on the current site SITE_ID, component name, path to the file and input parameters $arParams.
cachePath Path to the cache file relative to the cache folder. By defult -  "/".SITE_ID.<path to the component relative to bitrix/components>.

See Also

  • CBitrixComponent::StartResultCache
  • CBitrixComponent::AbortResultCache