Bitrix Site Manager

User transfer

The Bitrix Site Manager system provides for creating and managing more than one site using a single product copy. Such multiple site system features the following peculiarities: Hence, a problem arises to distinguish a user visiting different sites having different domain name. The problem in question concerns sites created in the context of a single portal.

User recognition is achieved using the stored cookie storing the information sent by the web server to a client browser. Cookies are stored on a client hard drive.

The following example will help you understand the gist of the problem.

To overcome these difficulties, a technology has been developed allowing to transfer user cookie between different sites with different domain names but created within the same portal. This technology is also called UserMultiSiteTransfer.

The described technology functions by the following algorithm.

This technology allows the Statistics module to register unique visitors of the whole portal. The Advertising and banners module becomes able to correctly count the number of a banner shows to a specific visitor. Other modules make an active use of this technology as well.

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