Bitrix Site Manager

Control toolbar

Control toolbar is the HTML code viewable by an authorized user having enough permissions to execute operations provided by the toolbar buttons. This HTML code displays an area containing buttons, at the top of a page. Each of these buttons is used to perform a specific operation.

In the public section, the toolbar is displayed using the CMain::ShowPanel function which uses delay function technology, allowing to add buttons to the panel directly from the page body code.

A button can be added to the toolbar by calling CMain::AddPanelButton. This function can be used in the script /bitrix/php_interface/include/add_top_panel.php, which is automatically included when displaying the toolbar.

The toolbar is not the essential part of the Bitrix Site Manager system, but it is a convenient way to administer the site. Currently, the following standard buttons are supported, each of them performing the corresponding operation:

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