Bitrix Site Manager

Page templates

A page template is a PHP file whose content conforms to the rules of forming the page structure. Page templates can be used when creating a new page in the module Site Explorer.

Page templates are stored in the following folders:

Each of these folders may contain page template files and a service file .content.php whose main task is to store the descriptions and of page template sort order. This information is stored in the array $TEMPLATES, whose structure is presented below:

    [file name] => Array
            [name] => page template title
            [sort] => sort weight


When building the list of page templates, the following algorithm is used.

  1. Obtain the site template ID for the current site which is included without the PHP condition;
  2. Consecutively include files:
    1. /bitrix/templates/.default/page_templates/.section.php
    2. /bitrix/templates/site template ID/page_templates/.section.php
    In each of these files, a correspondent array $TEMPLATES is described. After including these files, we will have a combined array $TEMPLATES. Then, perform the following actions for each element of this array, being a description of a page template:
    1. check whether the page template physically exists;
    2. if it does, add it to the list of templates.
  3. Sort the obtained list of templates by the sort weight   (see the structure of the array $TEMPLATES above).

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