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Page parameters

Page parameters are used to pass parameters to the module functions to modify their standard behaviour. For example, it can be used to disable storing the last session page (if pagewise navigation is used) or to modify the standard date format in the functions of the Information blocks module.

Page parameters are available only within the page and are not stored neither in database nor in session.

The CPageOption class is used to handle page parameters. It contains the following methods:

Page parameters supported by the standard modules:

Module ID  Name Parameter Description Default value
main Kernel nav_page_in_session If "Y", the last opened page in pagewise navigation will be stored in session, otherwise "N". Y
iblock Information blocks FORMAT_ACTIVE_DATES If "FULL", the dates of an information block element (fields "ACTIVE_FROM" and "ACTIVE_TO") are returned in full format (with the time). If "SHORT" they are returned in short format (without the time). SHORT


CPageOption::SetOptionString("main", "nav_page_in_session", "N");
CPageOption::SetOptionString("iblock", "FORMAT_ACTIVE_DATES", "FULL");

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