Bitrix Site Manager

Module parameters

Module parameters are available in administrative interface in the Settings menu. When choosing the module on this page, the system includes the file /bitrix/modules/module ID/options.php which manages the module parameters, assigns permissions to the module etc.

The module parameters are stored in the database.

The COption class is used to handle the module parameters; contains the following methods:

When getting the module parameters, the default value specified in the file /bitrix/modules/module ID/default_option.php can be used. This file defines an array $module ID_default_option storing the default values.


The file /bitrix/modules/module ID/default_option.php.

$support_default_option = array(
    "SUPPORT_DIR"                => "#SITE_DIR#support/",
    "SUPPORT_MAX_FILESIZE"       => "100",
    "ONLINE_INTERVAL"            => "900",
    "DEFAULT_VALUE_HIDDEN"       => "N",
    "NOT_IMAGE_UPLOAD_DIR"       => "support/not_image",


// set the string parameter
                         "MY_PARAMETER_ID", "VALUE");

// get the string parameter
$value = COption::GetOptionString("my_module_id", 

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