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Language files

Language file is a PHP script storing phrases translated into other languages. The script contains an array $MESS whose keys are the language phrases ID's and values are the translations into a correspondent language.

Example of a language file for the English language:

$MESS ['SUP_SAVE'] = "Save";
$MESS ['SUP_APPLY'] = "Apply";
$MESS ['SUP_RESET'] = "Reset";
$MESS ['SUP_EDIT'] = "Edit";
$MESS ['SUP_DELETE'] = "Delete";
Example of a language file for the French language:

$MESS ['SUP_SAVE'] = "Enregistrer";
$MESS ['SUP_APPLY'] = "Appliquer";
$MESS ['SUP_RESET'] = "Reset";
$MESS ['SUP_EDIT'] = "Modifier";
$MESS ['SUP_DELETE'] = "Supprimer";

For each language, there is a number of language files stored in subdirectories /lang/ (see also: The structure of system files, The structure of module files).

Usually, the language files are used in administrative scripts of modules or in components. They are included using one of the following appropriate functions:

For the easier search and further modification of the language phrases, the page parameter show_lang_files=Y can be used. It allows to quickly find or edit any language phrase in the Translation module.