Bitrix Site Manager

Display templates

There are two kinds of component templates: system and user.

System templates are shipped with the component and reside in the templates subfolder of the component folder.

User templates can be customized according to requirements of a given site. User templates must be stored in site template folders (/bitrix/templates/site template/).

Component templates are identified by their names. The default template has a name of .default. If the name is omitted, the default template is used. Other templates may bear arbitrary names, e.g. table.

Component templates can be files or folders. If a template does not require localization, styles or other resources, it can be stored in a single file. Otherwise, templates should be stored in a folder.

Each component template is an indivisible unit. If a system component template is to be customized, the whole component template must be copied to a site template folder.

For example: the component bitrix:catalog.section.element has a template table located in templates folder of the component folder (/bitrix/components/bitrix/catalog.section.element/templates/). If you customize the template, you will have to copy the table folder to /bitrix/templates/_site_template_/components/bitrix/catalog.section.element/ and then chage it as required.