Bitrix Site Manager

Storage of components

Physical layout

All components reside in /bitrix/components/. System components reside in /bitrix/components/bitrix/. Contents of this folder is updated by the update system and must not be changed by user.

Changing the contents of the folder /bitrix/components/bitrix/ may cause unpredictable effects.

Custom components may be stored in other subfolders of /bitrix/components/ or in /bitrix/components/ immediately.


A name of a subfolder of /bitrix/components/ creates a component namespace. For example, all system components reside in the bitrix namespace. When creating custom components, it is a good practice to create a new namespace and place new components in it.

For example, there is a system component named catalog, which exists in the bitrix namespace. If you need to create your own component with the same name (catalog), you will have to create a new namespace (subfolder) in /bitrix/components/ (e.g., mycompany), and place a new component catalog in this folder. Thus, there will be two catalog components in different namespace: bitrix:catalog and mycompany:catalog.

Names of components follow the format "identifier1.identifier2....". For example: «catalog», «catalog.list», «catalog.section.element» etc. A good idea is to create hierarchical names, from common to particular, e.g. "catalog.section.elements" for a component that would display a list of products of a given group.

The full component name is a component name forestalled by the namespace name (namespace:component). For example: bitrix:catalog.list. If a component exists outside the namespace, the namespace is void and is omitted, e.g. catalog.section.