Bitrix Site Manager

Introduction to Components 2.0

The Component

Components are blocks, or bricks, with which the whole public section is built. The components fully implement the Carrier Rider Mapper pattern.

Persistent object containing information which can be accessed by more than one client simultaneously.
Riders (Reader or Writer) are objects created by Carrier thereby providing access to persisted data. Clients can read and write information only via Reader or Writer. Thus, Reader and Writer are data access interfaces.
Mappers (Scanner or Formatter) are wrappers for Reader and Writer functionality. Mappers are able to convert data to formats required by client.

Read flow is as follows: Carrier -> Reader -> Scanner -> Client.

Write flow is as follows: Carrier <- Writer <- Formatter <- Client.

Adding a mapping tier between Carrier/Rider and clients allows to connect a single Carrier/Rider to different clients by means of appropriate mappers.

Components allow developers to reuse their once created and tested code. The visual editor empowers site administrators with handy tools to add components to pages and and configure them without having to change the source code. The standard set of visual components is constantly updated.

What's so special about Components 2.0