Bitrix Site Manager


   string $NAME, 
   array $aTabs[, 
   bool $bCanExpand = true]

Constructs a class that implements tabbed forms.


Parameter Description
NAME A unique page identifier.
aTabs An array describing the tabs. The array format is described below.
bCanExpand Specifies that all pages can be expanded to fit in a single view. Optional parameter. The default value is true.

The tabs configuration is passed as an array whose elements are associated arrays with the following keys.

Key Description
DIV A unique tab identifier.
TAB The tab text.
TITLE The description of a tab page.
ICON The CSS class of an image (icon) displayed near the page description.
ONSELECT The JavaScript script that will be executed when the tab is activated.


$aTabs = array(
  array("DIV" => "edit1", 
        "TAB" => GetMessage("rub_tab_rubric"),
array("DIV" => "edit2",
        "TAB" => GetMessage("rub_tab_generation"),
        "TITLE"=>GetMessage("rub_tab_generation_title")), );
$tabControl = new CAdminTabControl("tabControl", $aTabs);