Bitrix Site Manager


 mixed $arParams = false

The Buttons method displays a standard form submit buttons and closes started tabs if any has been started.


Parameter Description
arParams An array of additional parameters. Can contain the following keys:
  • disabled - if true, form submit buttons will be disabled.
  • back_url - the return page URL. If a visitor clicks Cancel, the system will opens this URL.
If the parameter value is not specified (or the value is false), the method will close all tabs not adding the standard form submit buttons. In this case, you can create them manually.


// close the form - display the save buttons
$tabControl->Buttons( array( "disabled" => ($POST_RIGHT < "W"), "back_url" => $_REQUEST["back_url"], ) ); ?>

// close the form not adding the buttons
<input class="mybutton" type="submit" name="save" value="Click me!!!! ;-)" title="My save button" />&nbsp;
<input class="mybutton" type="button" name="foo" value="Click me too!" onClick="alert('Hello, world!')" />